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After 38 years in the sun and poor use of sunscreen, my face has acquired several dark spots and uneven tone. I went to my friend, Dr. Judith Sam, a well-known dermatologist here in Cancun, Mexico. She suggested “light pulse” treatment, called photo-rejuvenation.

I completely trust Dr. Judith, so we went ahead with the first of possibly 4 light pulse treatments. It was not painful at all. She put a cold gel on my face and covered my eyes with black-out goggles. When the laser snapped I felt a very slight pulse and I “saw” the light even though I had the goggles and my eyes were closed.

After the treatment my face was smooth and soft. Dr. Judith warned me that in a few days I might have some dryness or peeling. Fortunately that did not happen to me. A few days later I start to notice the dark spots are slightly less noticeable. No one else would probably see a difference, but I could tell the spots seems lighter.

Dr. Judith advised to wait 1 month before the next treatment. I am looking forward to it. If you would like more information about the many services Dr. Judith Sam offers, check out her website Dr. Judith can help you with all of your dermatology needs in Cancun, Mexico.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact her here: She speaks English and Spanish.

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